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Posted on January 10, 2010

News of the World lip syncs

a Michael Jackson News Exclusive!!!

'News Corpse' Re-Animated by Bloggers
Suffering from 'Acute Hyperbol Intoxication'!!

According to the January 10, 2010 edition of the 'News of the World', a British tabloid, it has a 'world exclusive" on publication of death certificates that show Michael Jackson was 'murdered':

MICHAEL Jackson's death certificate rules he WAS murdered, the News of the World can reveal.
We obtained a copy of the document and an amendment to it - that have never been published.

Uhm, not true. Unless you want to be a stickler about things like "our copy has never been published" or "never published with this clerk's signature' or 'never been published with this bit blacked out." Or fill in the <bullshit> here.

The real crime being committed, however, is by all the journalists and bloggers who are at this very moment spreading old news and false credit like some sort of 'I can't believe it's not butter!' plague in articles, blogs, and tweets—including content providers who are selling it, for perhaps the second time, to their paying clients.

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More ‘Wave a Dead Chicken’ Media Mumble Jumbo

Posted on January 5, 2010

More from the 'wave a dead chicken over it' school of strategic thinking:

Shoe bomber? Take off your shoes! Underwear bomber? Show us your underwear! And tomorrow, when we hear about the "Tampon Bomber" and the corresponding uptick in placement services specializing in freelance gynecologists, remember: you heard it here first.

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