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Pull That Thread Everything is Connected If You Stretch It Long Enough


dcI agree with Hunter S. Thompson’s assessment that “there is no such thing as objective journalism.” But I also don’t believe that means “It’s OK to be a manipulative bastard as long as you accomplish your objective.”

The internet— with so many places to hide and so few ways to pin responsibility—is just the sort of tall grass snakes like.

So when I see a loose end in a news article, or a blog item, I pull it. Especially when it looks like wool someone is trying to pull over our eyes.

What I say, I say sincerely.

If my perspective or viewpoint or purpose for this site changes, I will try to remember to update this page.

And if I forget, and if you notice, by all means let me know.

Sometimes a loose end is just a loose end.

Diane Bogosian
Chicago, IL

Feel free to contact me, using the Contact form.

For twitter updates: @DianeBogosian

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