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When Dissent Makes You a Terrorist, Remember Where You Stood on Egypt

Posted on August 17, 2013


These days, being on the other side is all it takes to be labelled a terrorist.

What is the evidence, 1 by 1, against each of the dead? What is that special quality that made them 'terrorists' instead of people protesting against a state of affairs they found unacceptable? As opposed to, say, YOU, when YOU do it?

Calling your political enemies terrorists so you can mow them down and exterminate them is still murder.


In these days, when the mere act of dissent makes you a terrorist, remember what you supported when you find yourself on the other side. As the bodies of your family and friends---your children and your neighbors---pile up, just keep repeating to yourself over and over: 'I support this I support this I support this' until the tank grinds your bones into the ground or the sniper's bullet blows the mantra from your brain.



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