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Pull That Thread Everything is Connected If You Stretch It Long Enough


Posted on January 10, 2010

News of the World lip syncs

a Michael Jackson News Exclusive!!!

'News Corpse' Re-Animated by Bloggers
Suffering from 'Acute Hyperbol Intoxication'!!

According to the January 10, 2010 edition of the 'News of the World', a British tabloid, it has a 'world exclusive" on publication of death certificates that show Michael Jackson was 'murdered':

MICHAEL Jackson's death certificate rules he WAS murdered, the News of the World can reveal.
We obtained a copy of the document and an amendment to it - that have never been published.

Uhm, not true. Unless you want to be a stickler about things like "our copy has never been published" or "never published with this clerk's signature' or 'never been published with this bit blacked out." Or fill in the <bullshit> here.

The real crime being committed, however, is by all the journalists and bloggers who are at this very moment spreading old news and false credit like some sort of 'I can't believe it's not butter!' plague in articles, blogs, and tweets—including content providers who are selling it, for perhaps the second time, to their paying clients.

My greatest fear is that this is perfectly OK with everyone.

TMZ posted both certificates and the story in September 2009

On September 1, 2009, at least two major online 'entertainment' sites ETO (4:01 pm) and TMZ (7:00 pm) published —with copies of both the original and amended death certificates available on both sites—the exact story News of the World (NOTW) wants us to believe is a 'world exclusive' four months later. And those September stories came at least two weeks after reports from MSNBC, NPR, PEOPLE, FOX NEWS, the INDIA TIMES and dozens of others wrote about the second coroner who issued an amended death certificate labeling Jackson's death a homicide, with full the details. This was a full week before the death certificates were even signed.

So the news was old news even before ETO and TMZ and Creative Commons got their hands on certificate copies. There's nothing new in today's News of the World except, perhaps, some new quotes from Jackson's family through a 'family source.' Maybe.

Even UK's The Sun—the sister paper to News of the World (both published by News Group Newspapers of News International, itself a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp—see NOTW masthead) reported "Homicide on Death Certificate of Jacko" on September 2, 2009. By October 31, 2009, according to a Google search of the phrase "Michael Jackson's death a homicide" 1,730,000 results were available. Quite a few even screamed 'murder!'

If you wanted to, you could have printed the death certificates in time to pass around the table for Thanksgiving. You could have given them as Christmas gifts. You could have wound them into funnels and drank champagne through them on New Years Eve.

(under this Rock at least! c'mon, link me!")

Of course, as tantalizing and as full of potential as such 'news' is, even the most eager blogger is going to be thinking: 'Hmmm, this is big news! I wonder what everyone else is saying about it? I wonder what else I can learn to inform my reader so that I, you know, provide some value, rather than just mindlessly cut and paste 'top news' articles as they fly in under Google news which, when you think about it, my reader could do for themselves...except without all the hassle of cutting and pasting...'

Or perhaps it's just enough to categorically narrow down all the inaccurate stories to just the inaccurate stories you specialize in...

January 10, 2010. 4:30 AM CST

It was about 4:30 am EST on January 10, 2010 when The Economic Times (India) seems to be the first carrier to pick up the virus as tracked by google: Michael Jackson 'Murdered. British newspaper 'News of the World' has claimed to obtain a copy of the original document and an amendment to it...

Then, Digital Spy posted their story around 4:43 EST: Death Certificate Confirms Jackson Murder. The News Of The World obtained a copy of the documentation which was updated on August 31 by medical examiner Christopher Rogers to give the cause of death as "homicide"..

This from Celebrity AOL (UK url) According to The News of the World – who have managed to get their hands on an amended copy of the star's death certificate dated 31st August 2009 – the King of Pop died from "acute Propofol intoxication" due to an "intravenous injection from another". WOW! They managed to get their hands on the amended copy of the death certificate! Their crappy versions with the words 'news of the world' inexplicably etched within the document like watermarks, but WOW!

The Times of India (what is up with India?) The cause of Michael Jackson’s death has been ruled as homicide in the star’s death certificate, according to reports.  A never seen before copy of the document and an amendment to it were said to have surfaced...[no mention of NOTW, but dated January 10, 2010--cheap shot]

NDTV Movies: British newspaper 'News of the World' has obtained a copy of the original document and an amendement to it. In the original certificate dated July 7, deputy coroner Cheryl MacWillie does not site the cause of death. But the certificate was later amended on August 31 by medical examiner Christopher Rogers who gives the cause as "homicide".

NME First for Music News: Jan 10, 2010  Michael Jackson's death certificate has been published online – showing in detail how it was amended to officially list the late singer's passing as homicide...NME notes the news of the homicide amendment was reported last September but their research missed the previous online publication of the dual death certificates: The County of Los Angeles certificate, published by the News Of The World, originally listed the cause of death as "Deferred..."

Compare to NME's September 2, 2009 Story: Michael Jackson's Death Certificate Amended to 'homicide.'

Little About: London, Jan 10 : With the coroner stating that pop legend Michael Jackson was murdered, his family members are pinning hopes on the police to catch the person who killed him. The news came after the emergence of the death certificate stating that Jackson was murdered. While a original July 7 certificate has no cause of death on it, further probes in the case by medical examiner Christopher Rogers amended on August 31, 2009, call his accidental death on June 25 last year a "homicide", reports newsoftheworld.co.uk.

Entertainment Weekly - Mandi Bierly (with 161 other stories to her credit)- ‎1 hour ago‎ Michael Jackson death certificate ruling homicide appears online [a real cheap shot since Entertainment Weekly considers ETO a competitor and they must know they had these online months ago...they provide a link to the documents that 'appears online' and link it back to NOTW]

All Headline News Michael Jackson's Death Certificate Leaked; Homicide Confirmed; Jackson Doctor Lawyers Up

And now, into TWEET Land...

Michael Jackson Jan 10, 2010 ... Michael Jackson 'was murdered', says death certificate- ET… - 5 Tweets. 5. Michael Jackson death certificate ruling homicide appears… ...michaeljackson.tweetmeme.com/ - 1 minute ago

A Lie Can Travel 'Round the World
Before the Truth Can Get Its Boots On.

And I'll never post this story if I try to keep up.

I know a lot of blog and provider 'content' is 'provided' by robots and even by people willing to crank out articles for $10 an hour (when the robots draw a line for the sake of dignity), but this is important. It's not just about those old saws—accuracy, integrity—many would argue have no place in the celebrity blogosphere or tabloid tableau.

No, it's about something more destructive to your careers than any old ethical thingamabob. It's about being redundant. And boring. And looking stupid. And calling attention to yourself.

And those who write about celebrities should know better than anyone what happens to people who call attention to themselves.

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