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The Top 25 Profoundly Ignored News Stories of 2009

Posted on January 7, 2010

The Best of the Worst Press Releases 2009

A modeling agency landed assignments for Rudi the cat and Enrique the dog, a dentist went to Hawaii on Boondoggle, and the head of R&D at the Hookah-Hookah Company proclaimed: “When you’re dealing with the task of emulating the taste of America’s number one snack food, there’s no fooling anybody."

UK women like Welsh well hung meat, the recession caused people to realize their stoves didn't work and a NY man offered to share his seed with anyone who sends a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Replacement, LTd created an exciting new shopping experience by upgraded its online search capabilities to include keywords and Lake Ashton in Lake Wales Florida Offered Numerous Reasons to Buy Now.

Cover-All Technologies trumpeted the signing of a new customer they preferred to keep anonymous, Happi House sold its 20 millionth piece of chicken to an underserved market, and Cattle Ranchers say: thanks to the Conquistadors, cows will heal our planet.

Randy Watson dreams someday wine will be as manly as light beer, a born-again brewer made the case for Beer and Jesus, and  Rocco “Boss Hog” Loosbrock was blown away by how amazingly awesome the delightfully delicious gourmet version of Boss Hog's BBQ Pork Cracklins were.

A prestigious rehab on the Malibu coast was pleased to announce its renewed commitment to the privacy of its celebrity rehab residents, promising to do everything in its power to shield high-profile residents from the constant snooping of media, with special emphasis that the press release could be used freely provided that the resource box was included and the links kept active.

LegalView expanded its automotive crash practice area to include victims in accidents where drivers were guilty of using cell phones while operating their cars, Jennifer for Displays2go explained that the company didn't compromise on quality just to reduce the cost, and An Ugg retailer announced that Ugg boots now offers new styles for people.

An Orange County Rehab clinic said the benefits of sober sex included an end to erectile dysfunction for men, while women got to enjoy not being promiscuous sluts.

a Brazilian butt augmentation doctor was against a 5% tax on elective surgeries because it would be unfair to patients with little disposable income.

An Internationally known trance medium was filmed live at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel chatting with Marilyn Monroe in an undisclosed cabana room, now available on DVD. Allison Dawn Public Relations Launched a New Website and Logo. A Waterloo, Canada, woman started her own marketing and communications business after losing her job.

And blah, and blah.


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