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More ‘Wave a Dead Chicken’ Media Mumble Jumbo

Posted on January 5, 2010

More from the 'wave a dead chicken over it' school of strategic thinking:

Shoe bomber? Take off your shoes! Underwear bomber? Show us your underwear! And tomorrow, when we hear about the "Tampon Bomber" and the corresponding uptick in placement services specializing in freelance gynecologists, remember: you heard it here first.

Two stories, one from The Guardian the other from The Huffington Post, cover the story about  controversial scanners introduced recently at airports in the U.K. capable of spotting weapons and explosives concealed under clothing by producing 'naked' x-ray images of passengers.

A 12-month trial at Manchester airport of scanners which reveal naked images of passengers including their genitalia and breast enlargements, only went ahead last month after under-18s were exempted.

Why not simply pump knockout gas into the passenger cabin? That would end any threat, no matter what makes it through security.

Of course, none of this is necessary as President Obama reiterated in this New York Times article that the United States had sufficient information to uncover the terror plot to bring down an airplane on Christmas Day, but intelligence officials “failed to connect those dots.”

In other words, it was our 'intelligence' not our 'technology' failed us in Amsterdam.

But covering that story takes a lot of work, like research and stuff, and doesn't have cool pictures of fat, naked people like this story. So we get news coverage like this, accompanied by the usual shifty media mumble-jumbo to justify it:

>Some security experts believe imaging technology could have detected the explosives hidden beneath his clothes.< (Air America.com)

Which security experts? Please specify. Could have? Please explain.

"Uhmmmm.....look at the dead chicken! You are getting stuuuupid! Very, very stuuuupid!"

As a side note from a marketing perspective, at least one scanner company, Rapiscan, over-looked some unintentional associations with being violated when it chose a brand name they obviously expected to suggest "rapid."

More Perspective:

January 3, 2010: Gadling Body scanners wouldn't have caught Northwest bomber Article Quote: Neither of these items would have been detected by the scanners because they use a millimeter-wave technology that´s only good for detecting dense objects such as metal, plastic explosives such as C4, and thick plastic. Powders and small amounts of liquids can't be detected....

January 4, 2010: Mother Jones The Airport Scanner Scam Article Quote: Which brings us to the money shot. The body scanner is sure to get a go-ahead because of the illustrious personages hawking them. Chief among them is former DHS secretary Michael Chertoff, who now heads the Chertoff Group, which represents one of the leading manufacturers of whole-body-imaging machines, Rapiscan Systems...

January 5, 2010: NileGuide Full Body Scanners vs. Pat Downs: Get Intimate with New Security Measures Article Quote: Now it seems that we may be passing through more full body scanners and enjoying the loving touch of strangers during pat downs. What exactly does that mean for all of us travelers?


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January 5, 2010
Bill O'Reilly And Ann Coulter: Full Body Scan a Privacy Rights Violation?

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Comment to story in January 6, 2010 LA Times Online

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